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About Us
QSOFT Solution - Quality Software Solution, a startup initiated by professionals and experienced members to deliver optimal result. We created our official in Year 2007 by providing software technical support to such software organizations who were downsized or financially weakened due to global economical challenges. We cater their project, help them completing their software, providing software technical support to their clients and hence our services were introduced and appreciated by both parties - the client and the software company.
Our Practices - we provide optimal RESULTS

QSOFT Solution - specialized in the following service areas:


Software Technical Support : outsourced your customers to us, we will bridge the GAP between your non-technical customers and the technical world. Our job is to help your customers resolve their problems quickly, professionally and with rave reviews for how well you helped them. When we do our job right, you get the credit and the peaceful sleep of knowing that you made the right choice.

Software Quality Assurance and Process Management : this is a widely accepted theory of successful software development. Our job is to help you establishing a universal process management system tailored from requirement gathering, bug reporting and all factors considered during change management system.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System : A basic quality system with key focus on four main areas: Strategic Quality Management, Resource Management, Process Management, Performance Management and Document Management.

Website Design & Development : Our services ranges from graphic design, web design and development in both static HTML and interactive design using Macromedia FLASH tool.

Web based database solution : Your complete resource to run dynamic, interactive web server applications which communicates with Ms.SQL database to fuel database-driven web sites and could be browsed on any web browser. We will provide you with activity management along with online reporting tool to view project's update.

PC/ Desktop based database solution : Also known as desktop database application which communicates with Ms.SQL database and an easy interface design using Microsoft technology to fuel database-driven application.

Email: info@qsoftsolution.com